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Welcome Mats are Not Welcoming

Welcome Mats are Full of Microbes, Germs and Bacteria - Not Welcoming At All


What are Superbugs?

We keep hearing about Superbugs on social media, the radio, and the news.

Are they actually bugs?

Why Your Yoga Center is Getting You Sick

Eighty percent of disease is caught by direct or indirect contact-either interacting with a person who carries germs or touching a surface where those organisms live.

Why You Should Use Antimicrobial Floor Mat

Antimicrobial floor mat are much superior. Even though they aren't comfortable to wipe your feet on and have on the floor, they are made of durable materials that last long and don’t wear out easily. Besides, they have antibacterial properties that keep the germs trapped and don’t let them spread.

Why Babies Need An Antimicrobial Floor Mat

The antibacterial properties are never diminished and keeps working round the clock. So if you have little children at home, bring home an antimicrobial floor mat for protection against disease-causing germs.

Caring For An Antibacterial Floor Mat

You can clean your antimicrobial floor mat just the way you clean any other mat. However, remember to not pour disinfectants directly on the mat, because that can damage the antibacterial properties. Wash the mat with soap and warm water, scrubbing to get rid of all the dirt.

What Types of Bacteria are on Your Floors?

Laboratory testing has shown that when cleaned regularly CuVerro® surfaces:

  • Kills greater than 99.9% of bacteria1within two hours, and continues to kill 99% of bacteria1 even after repeated contamination

Pet Owners Have Higher Chance of IBS

CopperPaw Mat, made with EPA-registered CuVerro Shield by Aereus Technologies, kills many bacteria - including the bacteria linked to feces.

What are the most common bacteria from dogs?

A 2013 study found that homes with pets had not only a higher number of bacteria in them but also a diverse range of different types of bacteria.

Not all of them are bad and some even help with our immune system.

BUT, there are several types of bacteria that pets can track into your home that aren’t so great.

Did you know your carpets are extremely dirty?

Carpets probably have 200,000 bacteria PER SQUARE INCH; that’s about 4000 times grosser than your toilet”