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Why Babies Need An Antimicrobial Floor Mat

When babies first learn to move about, the floor is their world.

They crawl all over the place, roll about in dirt and pick up things from the floor to taste.

Of course, every parent realizes this and also takes measures to keep the floor clean to the best possible extent.

But it’s the floor. It’s where people walk with their shoes on, where things drop and make a mess, and where there’s the maximum accumulation of dust and dirt, even after vacuuming twice a day.

It’s no wonder that babies often suffer from episodes of upset stomach and it has a lot to do with their exposure to the floor.

You cannot stop your babies from crawling about on the floor, because every other place is out of their reach.

They will play on the floor, pick up things and stick them in their mouths, and suck on their dirty hands.

But what you can do is keep your floor free from bacteria so that the babies are safe.

Antimicrobial floor mat to the rescue

There are regular floor mats and then there are antimicrobial floor mats. An ordinary floor mat may be great for physically cleaning a surface, but the germs and bacteria escape the mat and spread around the house.

As foot traffic increases, the mat keeps getting dirtier, and instead of keeping the house clean makes the surface unclean.

An ordinary floor mat is a breeding ground for bacteria and children exposed to it can fall ill. An antibacterial floor mat is capable of trapping and inhibiting the germs, preventing them from spreading around the house.

Although less common than ordinary door mats, antimicrobial floor mats are growing in popularity because they kill and inhibit bacteria and stop the spread of disease-causing microorganisms.

How antimicrobial floor mats are made

Typically, an antimicrobial floor mat is made out of recycled waste materials with silver or copper ion threads inside.

The silver or copper act as the shield against bacteria, trapping them and killing them over time. Studies have found that antibacterial mats can kill all germs within two hours.

The antibacterial properties are never diminished and keeps working round the clock.

So if you have little children at home, bring home an antimicrobial floor mat for protection against disease-causing germs.