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Why You Should Use Antimicrobial Floor Mat

The floor is the part of the house that is directly exposed to all kinds of germs and bacteria.

The floor is the dirtiest part of the house because it comes into direct contact with feet and shoes, which bring in dust, dirt, and various kinds of germs.

So why should you use an antimicrobial floor mat?

How to Clean Your Floors

People tend to disinfect their flooring in various ways, but dirt and dust tend to get inside the house from outside, by means of the doorway.

That is why, stopping the bacteria at the door is more important than disinfecting the floor.

What Antimicrobial Floor Mats do

Everyone uses a floor mat or a door mat. They are usually placed at the door or on the floor in various places. Mats are useful in keeping the floor clean before shoes enter the house.

But not every kind of floor mat is appropriate for the purpose. Certain types of floor mats or door mats provide better cleanliness than others.

And then there are antimicrobial door mat and floor mats that do more than just wipe away dust and dirt.

An antimicrobial doormat has become a popular choice for most people today because it is not simply something that you wipe your feet on. Typically, a regular floor mat or door mat gets dirty and spreads the germs around the house.

They need to be cleaned regularly, at least a few times a week to make sure they aren’t spreading bacteria around the house.

They also tend to wear out too soon, especially if they are made out of an absorbent material like rope, coir or other natural fibers.

Antimicrobial floor mat are much superior.

Even though they aren't comfortable to wipe your feet on and have on the floor, they are made of durable materials that last long and don’t wear out easily.

Besides, they have antibacterial properties that keep the germs trapped and don’t let them spread.

How to Keep Your Home Clean

Some people tend to take their shoes off before entering a house, to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

But when you have an antimicrobial floor mat, you no longer have to take your shoes off.

Simply wipe them on the doormat and stop worrying about spreading bacteria in the house.

Copper Foot and Copper Paw mats are made for households with or without pets, seeking protection against disease-causing microorganisms.