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Welcome Mats are Not Welcoming

How many of you have a rubber Welcome Mat outside of your front door?

Many people believe that by wiping their shoes on one of these Welcome Mats, all the microbes, germs and bacteria are wiped off their shoes and not carried into their homes.  

Do the Microbes, Germs and Bacteria get wiped off?

Unfortunately, no.

All those Microbes, Germs and Bacteria on the bottom of shoes not only stay on your shoes but according to Dr. Amy Hurst of Rose State College in Oklahoma: 

“Wiping a pair of shoes on a mat made the sample much worse’. 

The test showed there were actually MORE MICROBES, GERMS AND BACTERIA post-wiping’.

Therefore, those Microbes, Germs and Bacteria not only stay on but you pick up more of them on the bottom of your shoes.

How do you clean your shoes?

Do you want to protect your home?

Sure, having a welcome mat is great for keeping things from getting tracked inside, but is that everything?

No way!

We have a solution.

Our CopperFoot Mats are made with anti-bacterial copper which have been proven to reduce germs and bacteria by up to 99%.

And they don't just work on shoes—they work on pets too!

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