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Kills Bacteria & Easy to Keep Clean

I recently received two of the CopperFoot Mats for my home, and I have completely fallen in love with them! I plan on getting two more for other entryways of my home. With four children, two dogs and a cat, you can imagine the amount of dirt and...

Simple and Effective

Awesome mat! Makes me feel at ease to know that my home is not infested with bacteria. Recommend anyone to buy this simple add on to your home.

Great for any home.

I have one at the entry of every door in my house. The mat will start to turn black which shows that it's working. I simply clean it every couple weeks.

Legit bacteria killing Mat

Looks amazing, works really well. Step on it when you come in the house and the bacteria is killed. I’m not quite sure what the 1 star reviewer was saying but no where does it say you have to stand on it for 2 hours. It’s step on and step off like any...


This mat is amazing. I have one mat in my home and I just bought another one for Rocky, my daughter’s dog. Now I don’t have to worry about all the bad bacteria coming in and getting anyone sick!

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