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The Bacteria-Killing Mat for People Who Get Sick

Hello, my name is Dr. Shirin Dorin.

I am an American Mother and Professional Doctor.

My daughter is immunocompromised meaning she is at risk for getting extremely sick.

So, when she contracted MRSA from a night’s stay at a hospital all because of harmful bacteria on shoes it made me sick to my stomach.

That means that I probably brought that bacteria home with me from the hospital as well.

Now it is in my home?!

I thought about what other types of germs my shoes and my kid’s shoes could be carrying so I did my research.

“Research shows shoes are 4,000 times dirtier than a public bathroom”

The research done by high level doctors at universities were horrifying.

In 2008, Dr Gerba of the University of Arizona, performed a research study and concluded that the bottom of shoes are ‘dirtier than a public restroom’, with 420,000 units of bacteria vs. 1000 units.

Also, up to 96% of bacteria are transferred to carpeting, tiles and vinyl or hardwood floors.

These bacteria survive for weeks.

“Shoes are infested with harmful bacteria and they invade your home”

The scariest part about how dirty our shoes are is how we bring it into our homes.

We go outside all the time for everyday life, and what lives outside ends up living in our home all because of our shoes.

Harmful bacteria from our shoes can cause everything from urinary tract infections and diarrhea, to potentially life-threatening bloodstream infections and this all lives on our floors when we bring our shoes in.

“How Do We Stop This From Happening?”

The goal was to kill bacteria that cause life-threatening infections before they enter homes, medical facilities, and more.

I researched for over 2 years and made several prototypes and finally I found “Copper” Antibacterial Copper.

Copper has been around for thousands of years and was used by ancient civilizations to kill bacteria and health benefits including sickness prevention.

So I took the highest quality antibacterial copper I could find and invented the “CopperFoot Mat” to destroy bacteria on the bottom of our shoes before we bring it into our homes.

“How Does CopperFoot Mat Actually Kill Bacteria?”

Think about the “Trojan Horse” concept.

The Trojan Horse goes through the castle walls and they all come out and destroy everything inside the castle.

Copper Ions are literally the same concept.

When Copper Ions Approach Bacteria, Bacteria thinks these Copper Ions are food and nutrients.

So, they allow them to come through their membrane and that is when Copper Ions destroy the bacteria.

That is why Copper Ions never wear off because they are constantly working and looking for Bacteria to kill and break down.

“Why Copper and Not Other Disinfectants?”

We all know about the big corporate spray and wipe disinfecting companies.

What people do not realize is how TOXIC these disinfectants are.

Just look at the back of a disinfecting spray next time and you will see just how harmful, toxic, and unnatural these products are.

I refuse to use disinfecting sprays around my family and pets. Copper has natural antibacterial properties that effectively kill bacteria without the need to add any alcohol, cleaners, or detergents.

Science suggests that antimicrobial copper kills bacteria with a multifaceted attack. It is one of the most environmentally gentle ways to help keep our homes free of harmful microbes.

“Where is it Made?”

Our high quality “CuVerro Antibacterial Copper” is made in Kentucky, USA. By hardworking Americans.

“Does it Work? Who Has Tested It?”

The United States Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ran a series of tests and has approved and registered our Copper to kill 99.9% of Bacteria on contact.

“How Do I Use It? Acts Fast – Step On, Step Off That’s It”

Simply place it indoor at any doorway so those who enter the home step on it. That is all that is needed for the harmful bacteria to be transferred from shoes to the mat and the bacteria will be taken care of and killed thanks to our high-quality Copper.

“Is It Easy To Clean?

It is extremely easy to clean.

Only soap and water using the hard surface of a sponge is needed to clean it.

We recommend cleaning it once every 2-4 weeks, it just depends on how much foot traffic you have in your home.

“Does It Work For Animals?”

CopperFoot Mat works for both humans and animals.

Our beloved pets also carry bacteria on their paws and bring it inside the house as well.

Research shows almost every dog tested carried over 7 different harmful bacteria one being E-Coli.

“A Message From me”

Below is a video of me presenting my product.

I visually present the product, go over how dirty shoes are, why I made it for my family, and how Copper kills bacteria.

“CopperFoot Mat Keep Selling out”

I am so grateful at how many happy customers we have.

We have sold thousands of mats to American Families, Child Day Cares, Senior Care Homes, Hospitals, Veterinary Offices, Luxury Hotels and many more.

I really just wanted to make a positive impact on the world, and it has been a pleasure to see how many people enjoy my product. 

“Where Can I Get One?”

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