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Stop Harmful Bacteria at The Door.

Simply Step On and Step Off!

Both cats and dogs bring bacteria from the outdoors inside your home. Just like the bottom of your shoes, your pet’s paws carry an enormous amount of bacteria into your home. Harmful bacteria can cause everything from urinary tract infections and diarrhea, to potentially life-threatening bloodstream infections. 


Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

From the paws of pets and the bottom of shoes and feet on contact before these bacteria can contaminate your floors, couches, beds and you.

EPA Approved and Registered

Manufactured using EPA approved and registered CuVerro Shield antibacterial copper by Aereus Technologies.

EPA Registration Number: 85353-1
EPA Establishment Number: 93598-CA-1

Easy to Use

The bacteria-killing efficacy works round the clock and never diminishes.

United States Government

Environmental Protection Agency

Approved and Registered

High Quality Bacteria Killing Copper Made In Kentucky, USA.

Invented, Tested, and Used by Doctors

The daughter of the founder, Shirin Dorin, DDS was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. While she was in the hospital she contracted MRSA — a bacterium that is difficult to treat, especially in immunocompromised patients. The scare motivated her to do something so that other families can avoid going through an experience like theirs. Following her daughter’s infection, she spent two years developing and manufacturing CopperFoot Mat™ (for shoes) and CopperPaw Mat (for animals).

The goal was to kill bacteria that cause life-threatening infections before they enter homes, medical facilities, and more. The mats are manufactured from CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies that kill 99.9% of bacteria starting upon contact, even after repeated contamination. Copper has natural antibacterial properties that effectively kill bacteria without the need to add any alcohol, cleaners or detergents. Science suggests that antimicrobial copper kills bacteria with a multifaceted attack. It is one of the most environmentally gentle ways to help keep our homes free of harmful microbes.— Shirin A. Dorin, DDSFounder of CopperFoot Mat & CopperPaw Mat

Does it Work?

In a study done by Dr. Gerba, a world leading professor of virology, concluded that 99.98% of bacteria was killed upon contact with the copper surface.

Shield Your Home Against Bacteria

With a Copper Mat

Live in Harmony with your Pets

Pets track 7 DIFFERENT BACTERIA into your home, including those in a cat litter box. These bacteria can be transferred to humans. The bacteria from pet feces is directly linked to Irritable Bowl Syndrome (East Tennessee State University).

Reduce Germs & Bacteria

Disease causing bacteria attach to the bottom of your shoes and can cause infections in the stomach, eyes, lungs, skin and urinary tract and bloodstream. 90% of these bacteria, such as E. Coli, transfer to your floors and carpets and survive for days and weeks.

Get a CopperFoot Mat™ and 

STOP Harmful Bacteria at the Door!

CopperFoot Mat™ and CopperPaw Mat are made with EPA registered CuVerro Shield™ antibacterial copper by Aereus Technologies.


The antibacterial copper on the Mats kill 99.9% of the disease causing bacteria continuously, and work 24/7/365.

The bacteria killing ability of the Mats never wear off.

100% recyclable.

No toxins or chemicals like bleach or disinfectants.

CopperPaw Mat

Disease causing bacteria attach to the bottom of your pet's feet and can cause infections in the stomach, eyes, lungs, skin and urinary tract and bloodstream. 90% of these bacteria, such as E. Coli, transfer to your floors and carpets and survive for days and weeks.

How it's Made

What People Are Saying

Sarah Johnson - Grandma

"I have one at the entry of every door in my house. The mat will start to turn black which shows that it's working. I simply clean it every couple weeks."

Dr. Jaida Reeves - DVM Veterinarian

“I highly recommend CopperPaw Mat for anyone who owns a pet. Great for doggie doors, litter boxes or any entry door areas in your home to keep your floors & furniture cleaner.”

Dr. Kevin Hunter - DC Chiropractor

“I have already purchased a few mats for my home, and I’m buying another for my office. I like having peace of mind that less germs are being trekked into my home. Thank you!”

Important Care Information

Indoor Use Only

All CopperFoot Mats™ and CopperPaw Mats are designed to be used inside only.  Using the mats outside will compromise their ability to clean bacteria effectively.

No Lysol or Bleach

Only soap and water using the hard surface of a sponge. Or citric acid powder mixed with water.